Sirius Microwave



Sirius Microwave provides a line of RF and Microwave filters including lumped element, microstrip and cavity designs. Lumped filters are available for lowpass, hipass, bandpass and bandstop performance, as well as duplexers and delay equalized filters. Our basic designs utilize Chebyshev, Butterworth, Bessel and Elliptic functions. Lumped filters feature compact size at lower frequencies, while cavity filters feature low loss and high rejection performance.


  1. Combline Filters
  2. Combline Multiplexers
  3. Interdigital Filters
  4. Lumped Lowpass Filters
  5. Lumped Highpass Filters
  6. Lumped Bandpass Filters
  7. Group Delay Equalized IF Filters
  8. Band-Reject and Notch Filters
  9. Lumped Multiplexers
  10. Switched Filterbanks

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