microwave components
About us

Sirius Microwave has years of
experience of manufacturing microwave components

Our engineers have years of experience in the communications field. They are familiar with the latest in manufacturing technologies and manufacturing techniques. Our engineers are in constant search for new components and technologies to keep our products at the top level.

For quality, engineering intensive products, Sirius Microwave is where you should direct you attention.

Developments and applications

R&D projects

Development of drone
detection and defence systems

Objectives of the project: The objective of the project „Development of drone detection and defence systems” is to improve the characteristics of Rantelon’s drone detection and defence equipment, to add new functionalities and the development of a new generation device that integrates drone detection and defence into a single device.

ELIKO Competence Centre Project

Sirius Microwave participates in Eliko Competence Centre Project (EU48693) in subtopic of IoT infrastructures, applications and services. More specifically we are a core partner for implementing and testing wideband, low energy wireless sensing and communication solutions for IoT systems. The aim is to help companies develop competitive products through active collaboration with universities.