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Sirius Microwave
Laki 3, Tallinn
10621 Estonia

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About us

For over 29 years Sirius Microwave (formerly MITEQ Estonia, founded on 1993) has been delivering custom-engineered microwave components to the industry. We have always pushed the edge of technology to provide the best possible product. With our facility in Estonia, close to our European customers, we are be able to offer custom engineering at competitive prices.


Bipolar and GaAs FET Amplifiers: 10 MHz to 40 GHz. (optimized for gain, noise figure, or power) Wideband 90 degree Hybrids. Power dividers, directional couplers. Switches: reflective, absorptive, from single to multiple throws. Image Reject Mixers(wideband IF, RF or fixed LO models). Filters:lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, Group Delay Equalized, high power. Chebyshev, Butterworth, Bessel, elliptic topologies, lumped and cavity, cryogenic products, Subsystem production to your design.